Friday, September 13, 2013

Deep in the Piney woods!

Several weeks back we went camping. But not even car camping.. Backpacking!! And in hammocks not tents! Serious guys. 
We brought Nayt since he was wife-less and Nikki because she was husband-less. It was so much fun. We brought the dogs (plus Nikki's dog Anchor and Nayts dog Bronx) along for the adventure. We originally wanted to go to dworshack but decided to play it safe and go to a little more familiar of a place. Spring valley reservoir. We hiked back through the bird watching trails and we stopped to find the perfect spot. We were hoping for the stream to be running but it was dried up so the men had to go back to town for water. Travis was bummed because he really wanted to try out his water purification kit. But the reservoir water is very stagnant and pretty duck poopy. 
Anyways we loved sleeping in our hammocks, playing cards and eating dehydrated foods! Mountain house knows what they are doing! Ha ha. I was really proud of myself for hiking in with mason and our food and clothes on my back. Travis packed all our gear and dog food. Then on the way out he carried both for a bit! Superman!! What a great way to finish off our summer!

Nikki and anchor chilling in the backpacking tent
Travis napping with mason
Bronx and Nayt lounging 
Nala and bandits bed
Travis and mason sleeping in the hammock
Throwing rocks in the reservoir. 
Typical bandit. 
Nikki's spot for the weekend 
My set up!
Nayts set up
Travis' set up. Including his homemade under quilt and top fly. 
Mason enjoying a marshmallow
Part of the hike
Nayt and Bronx set to go!
A family of backpacker we are!

Nikki and anchor geared up an ready!

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The Asay's said...

Courtney that pack is as big as you.:) looks like fun