Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fair season!!!

One of my favorite things about the Palouse is fair season. Pretty much all September there is a fair in driving distance!!
I knew Mason would love the fair because he loves animals. He loved them. He wanted to touch everything and climb in every pen! He loved the action and ran around looking everywhere smiling and saying "hi" to everyone. 

He loved watching the 4-h ers walk around with their animals. Most were more than patient and let mason pet the animals. 

The baby goats were soooo cute!!

Driving the toy tractors

Sitting on the big tractors. 

Yelling at me to "go away" he wanted me away from him silly boy

Driving the tractors like grandpas!

And a re-create from last years sexy tractor pic. Minus Justin. They belong on a farmers not calendar ha ha

Nayt, sawyer, Jaimie and I (and mason and Travis) watching the rodeo. Mason got pretty board at this one because there was about 45 minutes of national anthem, parade, sponsor and rodeo queen introductions. 

We love a good (free!!) fair. Already looking forward to next year!!

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