Friday, September 13, 2013

18 months!

So this is pretty late but I wanted to document. 
Mason is 25 pounds!!
He is 

Dr mike said we "should be completely proud of our perfect boy". And we so are!!
Mason is all boy! Wild as heck and just so so busy!! He even runs in place instead of standing still!
He loves milk and we were asked to cut back so he'll actually eat other foods too. He loves animals especially dogs and horses. He makes the silliest back and pant when he sees a dog and has a very unique horse sound as well. More like a whine. There are horses in a field by our house and he loves watching them when we drive by. 
Bandit and mason are best of friend. Nala loves to play fetch with him
Mason knows probably 30 words and 29 signs but definitely loves saying mom dad dogs ball and cracker best. He can name all his aunts and uncles and friends too. Although doesn't like the "mason say ---" game. He basically refuses. Stubborn. 
Mason is so goofy and loves being the center of attention. He is over the top friendly and has no stranger wariness at all! 
Mason is definitely a mamas boy but I think that is mostly due to me working all day. 
We love our crazy Lil man!

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