Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chandra's night out

A bunch of the girls from work wanted to go out so I was the designated driver. We celebrated Chandra changing her name back to dunker and letting go of her past and moving on. It was a crazy but fun night and was glad I could go to keep every one safe. 
I made Chandra a sash that says "miss dunker"

They were all pretty excited it was my first time in a bar!

Travis joined in after his shift got over  and I was glad. Drunk people are crazy! We ended up going to stubblefeilds which was nasty. We won't going back. Not a place for me. I drove home Chandra, Kortnee and Ryan plus his three friends all in my prius. I also had masons bike, car seat, my motorcycle gear and a bag full of clothes all in my trunk. We should have won an award for the most fitting in the prius. We even bottom out in Kortnees drive way. By the time we got every one home safe it was 3 am! It was night I won't forget. 

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