Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eagle lead/ family advocate

This year I am going to be the family advocate for the pullman headstart community child care center. But in addition to that I am also the new eagle lead and fire bird aide. Last year i did WSU and as well as St James site. This year the ST James site got a grant to be extended day. All year program Monday through Friday. I'm super excited and we are the only ones to offer this. It will be a great support to those families who work all day or go to school so they need more than just the hour in the am or pm. With the change they lowered my FA hours to ten a week. So the other hours of my week are spent in the
Classroom. I work in the firebirds (4-5 yr olds) in the am and the Eagles (1st-6th grade) after they get off the bus after school. It's going to be a crazy busy year but I am excited. Bring it on!
I also got a new lanyard which I love from oragami owl 

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