Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or treating 2014

Mason was old enough to really look forward to and understand Halloween this year. He was so excited. 
Mason needed "a black hat because real firemen where black hats. Red hats are for pretend firefighters" and he wanted to be a real fire  fighter. Actually he says "fighter fighter" it's adorable. He originally wanted to be a fire truck but I was able to  convince him to be a fireman instead. 

I added his name on the back of his coat (just like the real thing" and on his helmet. 

Chris and Jim bought him the fire man costume because we couldn't find anything over here. We also loved the water pack that actually shoots water. I found a hat he would be able to keep and use longer for dress up and such. 

Chris and him came all the way from Seattle to help me take Mason trick or treating. (Which sounds more like "tickle teeting" when mas says it). It was so fun and I'm glad they came to help out. Masons a wild man!

Silly grandpa Jim Jim wearing mason's hat. 

Fire guy shooting water

Mommy and Mason
Walking to go play games at beasley coliseum. 

Such w cutie. 

Mason sat down at face painting booth and said "I want a kitty" when the lady asks if he wanted a cat on his cheek or become a cat. He said "I want to
Look like a kitty with a nose and three stripes" he knows what he wants ha ha. He also kept calling himself a fire kitty. 

I told him to stick his head in the hole and he stuck it all the way through. It was halarious trying to help him understand ha ha. 

When Mason saw Butch he shouted "butch! You're here trick or treating! You look like the big bad wolf" so funny. He didn't want to leave him alone. 

Then we went to Dinner with Chris and Jim at fireside. We ordered bltae (bacon lettuce tomato avacado egg) sandwhiches and the came out with no bacon then masons burger was pink. So it was a just alright. 
Then we said farewell to them.  

At the end of the night we visited Chandra and Paula and Kortnee and Ryan. There were a few other people we tried to visit but they were out. Mason loved trick or treating but I'm glad we only went to people's houses we new because he just walked right in at each house. So silly. 

Mason got a whole bag of candy by the end of the night. Between a milkshake and several pieces of candy and was bouncing off the wall for hours. It was so much fun!

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