Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blake Shelton!!!!

We went to our first concert!! Blake Shelton's ten time crazier tour was awesome! Dan +shay and the band perry opened for him and they were also great! I bought the tickets while Travis was gone at basic to surprise him and the time finally came! We had my cousins Jess and Geoff babysit Mason for a sleepover (which he LOVED!) and went out to Spokane for the show at the arena. We sat way way at the top but it was an awesome view. It was like selfie city. Everyone was taking pictures of themselves it was rediculous. And people on the floor were on their phones just staring at their screens. Sad. He sang my favorite song (honeybee) and Travis' favorite (Austin) and sang new and old songs which was perfect. He was halarious too. Cracking jokes the whole time. Dan + shay we were surprised we knew (and liked) so many of their songs and they actually whistle in there songs which was crazy impressive. The band perry were so energetic. I could believe the girl was running and jumping all in 6 inch heels and singing! We sang along and danced and really enjoyed ourselves. Then we drove home super late and went and got Mason the next morning. 

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Charlene said...

Super jealous you got to see Blake in concert.