Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lattah fair rides

Mason really wanted to try the rides at the fair but it got late and I was confused about the height requirements. So as soon as he saw the rides at the Lattah fair (in moscow) he said "will you let me this time" I decided it would be fun. And our friends virginia anf john joined us!
First was the careasole which he loved!

Then he wanted to have "John drive him" so that was adorable. 

Then we rode the Ferris wheel. It was crazy high and Mason was shaking it screaming "wahoo." Then when I told him to stop he said "I want do this with my daddy". Good call!

After he wanted to try the zipper and the scrambler and I said "maybe next year" ha ha

The. We saw the 4h animals and thre booths. It wasn't near as fun getting swag without Jaimie! She always went around with me. We saw the model trains and Mason really liked that. And we rode on a old fashioned fire truck. Mason made sure to tell the driver it was "dangerous. No seat belts. My uncle victor does not ride a firetruck with no seatbelts". It was pretty cute. 

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