Sunday, September 18, 2011

20 week add in

I felt the baby last night. I haven't felt it very consistently but it was moving around a lot. At one point I felt it kick 3 times even with my hand on the outside. It is definitely Travis' stubborn baby (worried already) because the silly fetus stopped as soon as Travis touched my belly. It even moved for the dogs. They've been so interested in my belly lately. Bandit sleeps with his head rested on my belly bump every night.
Also we saw a model of the baby at the one of the fair booths. It was crazy! It fit in my hand. The lady said several twins have been born at 20 weeks and have lived! Crazy!


mrs. olson said...

We showed the kids the 12 week model of a baby at the fair and they thought it was pretty cool. I'm excited to hear what you're having!!

miriam said...

I'm pretty sure I was 21 weeks when Garrett first got to feel Sidney. There were 3 huge kicks right as we were going to bed one night. Then she refused to perform basically until there was no way not to feel her. She was a stinker even before birth!

I'm glad your baby likes the puppies and they like the baby!