Sunday, September 25, 2011

2nd annual MUTT STRUTT

Last year we went so I called it a tradition that we needed to go. I was sad we had to ditch Volleyball but boy did we have a good time.

It is so fun to go out with friends, socialize, wear out the dogs and of course score some free swag!

Here are some fun pictures from the day.

On the way there! The dogs were very excited!

Here is the best group shot of the dogs. Ruby Kellum (black great dane), Cricut Smith (white and black mix dog) Bentley Clements (brown boxer/pit) Bandit and Nala Mattoon and Bronx Dunn

Nala and Ruby with matching bandanas I made *side note: while making I sewed through the tip of my pointer finger!*

My babies! They are so adorable!

Nala Bear, Me with Baby boy Mattoon Bump, and Bandman all in our coug gear

The whole group. The clements and Bentley, Mandy and Cricut, Marium and Sidney and Ruby, the Dunns and Bronx and Me with Nala and Bandit

Travis had to work as the Tournament Director for tennis. He claims that means the resident bad-a** for Tennis. They even moved the tournament to a bi-week for football so Travis could help. 

And here is a final shot of the dogs out the window on the way home.

Now if they don't make the dog park, at least we'll have another mutt stutt next year! ha ha

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miriam said...

I'm glad I got to join in on the mutt strutt tradition! I hope your finger is ok. The bandanas are SO cute. Ruby loves hers.