Sunday, October 23, 2011

Troy Craft Fair 2011

This year I did the Troy Craft Fair again. Last year, I did it with my friend Ashlee, but she moved :( but luckily my friends Chelsea and Danielle decided to do it this year. Unfortunately we weren't very successful. But our booth was super cute and we had fun.

Danielle and I made Preschool/Toddler Busy Boxes with 14 activities for little kids to practice colors, fine motor, letters, patterns etc all while keeping entertained. We have several left over if anyone is interested!

Danielle made hair bows and I made birds nest necklace. We didn't sell any... it was quite disappointing.

I also sold my friend Becky's Headbands and my friend Robin's hats and aprons. They weren't too lucky either.

Chelsea sold adorable headband/flower combos as well as hats and bow ties for little boys. She sold a few.
Chelsea's mom also came over from the west side. It was fun to have her (and he beautiful blankets) in our booth.

Overall we had a rough go around. It wasn't busy like last year at all. You win some you lose some I suppose. But if anyone is interested in anything let me know for sure!

There is always next year....