Friday, February 27, 2015

Tracy aviary

On Wednesday we went to the Tracy aviary. It is only a dollar on Wednesday. It was a bird zoo basically. 
We had fun walking around exploring and the weather was wonderful!!

Crazy how much bigger these bird are!!

Mason said "yook I'm zazu" ha ha "I've got a yuvy bunch of coconuts" ha ha

This giant vulture was crazy entertaining. And huge. 

We sent this picture to Travis. Mason said "Daddy yuvs Eagles" It's true. 
There was so much to watch and see and do. 
They had all these birds so you could see how big or small you are compared to them. 

These two are so cute together. Little buds. 

Mason and I were eaten by a pelican. Hee hee. 
Mason by the "feengos". He said they were Clara's favorite because they are pink. It's true again ha ha. 

These owls were the coolest. 
Mason also chased around a peacock wich he kept calling a pea-hawk. He said "wait for me" and "I'm gunna get you". He never caught it but it was pretty funny to watch him try. 

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