Friday, February 27, 2015

February photos

I can't believe February is almost over. It's been a quick month. We didn't do anything too exciting at the beginning of the month. But we finished off the month with a trip to Utah! Here are some fun times we had in February and then utah posts will follow. 
Mason and I watching the super bowl! We were sad to have the Seahawks lose but we loved the appetizers and the action of the last few minutes!! And Mason loved the Katy perry half time show. 
Mason and paisley are always doing the cutest things together. 
Mason really wanted to go swimming. And he got all ready for it all by himself. 

Paisley invited Mason over for a sleep over... It only lasted a few hours but it was sure fun to have a movie night while it lasted. 
We celebrated Gavin's first birthday. It was a fun party with paisleys cousins. And we went swimming after which was very fun. 
Sunday best. Mason got this little suit for Christmas from chuck and Renee. 

Wrestling and sleeping with dad. These two are best friends these days. 

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