Friday, February 27, 2015

Temple square.

I was so excited to see temple square and show Mason. I had been there before but it was over 5 years ago. 
And kelsie jones met me there too which was awesome. 
Mason loved the statue of Christ. He was so reverent and happy. He also said "Jesus has a scar just like me". It was precious. Kinda the same. 

The guy in front of us took his picture like this so it was pretty funny to see him do it. 
It was a super proud mommy moment watching Mason tell what was going on in all the paintings of Jesus's life. And then down stairs naming different Book of Mormon prophets and telling their stories. 
I was looking all over the the iconic stand people are always standing on to get pictures by the temple. I couldn't find it anywhere but got this one instead. I later found it and thought it was just funny that it was on the other side. Definitely a "tourist" move. 

SO great to see kelsie. It had been 5 year since I had seen her so it was so great to catch up and spend some time with her!!
Mason loved the water fall on the conference center. I was glad it was well fenced ha ha. 
He did get in one of the fountains. Didn't catch him in time. But luckily I was just a few seconds behind so I did stop him from going all the way in. I know he would have. Silly kid. Can't resist. 

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