Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursday in Utah.

Thursday was a busy day! We went on a hike in the morning to ensign peak. And played at the park. Then went to temple square (it's own post) then took pictures and then went swimming. The kids slept amazing that night!!

Selfie at the top of the park hill. 

Trespassing to get this shot. I really wanted to see the view but it was blocked off. So I ran while Karyn turned the car around. Rebels I know. Ha ha. 

We had a great time at temple square and took amazing pictures. And then loved swimming. Although I definitely got my work out. They had a literal "within arms reach rule". They came over and said I needed to stay closer to Mason and said "because you can't touch him of you stuck out your hand" he was like 5 feet from me. It was a bit rediculous since it was beach entry and Mason knows how to swim. But I was chasing him the rest of the time. At one point he told me to stop following him. It reminded me of dory "the ocean ain't big enough for you" super glad Pullman isn't that strict. 
The pool was super warm and Mason was beet red after. 

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