Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Shout out to Travis

Wow. I just have to document this. I get home and the house is completely spotless. Travis had cleaned our whole place while i was at work instead of sleeping. It was the best surprise of the day, week, month, YEAR! wow
I also am going to start doing some more crafty things and posting it on my blog. I have about 3000 things bookmarked to my computer and need to start checking them off. So wish me luck and check back to see the crafty things i've made!
Also i want to start cooking and making a meal plan. So if you have any EASY recipes you don't mind sharing send them to!

Travis loves school, I love work. Life is good.


Carley said...

HEY! The job sounds really cool! I am currently in Utah though! Do you or your boss know of a company down here! I am living in Sandy and looking for work in the Provo/Orem area because that is where we will be living soon! Call me if you know of anything. 801-953-3862 Thanks Courtney for letting me know and keep me posted!

Carley said...

P.S.~ GO TRAVIS! That is awesome! Surprises are sure wonderful...especially one like that!!!!

Samantha said...

I keep my reciepes on a blog. Most of the reciepes are really easy. There are a few I haven't tried yet but I'm sure you'll something you like.