Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas visit to the ranch

We were so excited when Chuck and Renee said they were going to visit the ranch with Chris and Jim for Christmas. They took the train to enjoy the Christmas slower paced and the ranch is perfect for that. 
Chuck and Renee got Mason lots of new clothes, hot wheels and of course a mustache binkie. He pulled the clothes out like they were packing tissue, then the cars came out and he was excited then the binkie and he was thrilled!!

Renee signed me up for birch box (beauty samples that come delivered to your home every month) which I am SO excited about. I've been wanting it for a long time! 

Travis got money from them and his parents. I know he wants to buy a gun but I'm not sure what he will end up getting. He also has some motorcycle gear he needs. 
Mason got a race track and Mason said "this was just what I wanted. Thank you thank you thank you." when he opened it. It was adorable. I built it and it took be over an hour. It was rediculous. But he loves it so it was worth it. But I deserve a reward for building the fisher price city skyway. 

Chris and Jim bought me a new serger. 5 years ago they bought me one and I cried. It broke this summer and I was so sad when they said it would be more to fix then to replace. Lucky for me when I told that story they listened and got me a new one (a bigger better faster one!!) and i can't wait to create with it!!

Mas was exhausted after the few days of Christmas. It was such a great family time!

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