Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December dump

Here's Decembers photos and stories that don't have their own post. 
Mason keeps making "beds" all over. This time bandit claimed it. 

Masons been picking out his own clothes lately in an attempt to get him to actually where clothes. This particular day was extra fancy. 
He was walking around talking to "gramzi" on the phone telling her to come back over. He's also been obsessed with the pirate sword lately. 

Trying out the new tunnel grandma got him for Christmas. 
Wearing new Christmas clothes. Then he said "am I going back to Dinos?" Clearly our attire has relaxed a bit now that we don't leave the house much. 

Nap time on the floor in his tmnt blanket he loves. 

He got a new puzzle and I helped a little bit but he is getting better and better at doing them. I'm impressed he doesn't get frustrated. He said "ask my grandma if she will make this when she comes to visit"
Nala pillow. Mason is much happier than she is. 
Gingerbread cookie. He ate an entire ball of fondant! bleh!
Braylin cuddling with bandy boy. He was in heaven. 
Nap time with daddio. 

Mason has been falling asleep to glen beck at nap time while Travis watches it.

Mason is obsessed with teenage mutant ninja turtles. Can name them all and their colors and weapons. Travis loved them when he was a kid so he is helping with the obsession. 

The potty talk has begun. Everything is "poopy diaper" this or "garbage pee" that. Ugh so annoying. 

We fixed the tires in the truck finally. One had nail and the other had a broken valve. 

Mason made up that reindeers needed coffee to fly and told every kid he hangs out with. Such a goof. 

Mason can now swim about 6 feet all by himself, come up for air  in the middle and keep going. 

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