Friday, January 2, 2015

A look at my Goals

Here is a look at my 3rd 101 list, I still have until June 2016 but good to review starting the new 2015 year!

1. Teach mason to ride the strider bike- YEP!

2. Ride a horse- Yep! On our Cruise!

3. Start a personal history- Not yet but I pinned some great resources

4. Scrapbook my high school photos- Haven't touched them

5. Print my blog- Asked for it for Christmas but didn't get it. Maybe with Tax return I have 7 years to buy! Yikes!

6. Make a quilt for Mason's bed- Started a cowboy disappearing nine patch to go on his Twin bed in the future.

7. Support Travis in all of his military endeavors- Yes survived Basic and AIT, now he's working on his next promotion.

8. Be friends with someone I wouldn't  normally be friends with- Yes! I have several great friends this way!

9. Mark at least one verse in every section of the Doctrine and Covenants- Not yet, good one for 2015

10.  Continue to fill up my scripture journal- A little at a time

11. Make $50 selling my crafts- Yes yes and yes! 

12. Teach Mason his colors, shapes and letters of his name- Knows most shapes and colors and M so far

13. Create a list of top 5 books that changed my life- Working on it 

14. Learn a song on the guitar- Not yet

15. Refurnish and sell a piece of furniture. Refurnished but didn't sell it, this summer I will do something new
16. Finish everything on the list we made to do before Travis leaves- YES it was so much fun! 

17. Host the Harry Potter party that has been years in the making. YES Halloween 2013

18. Throw a surprise party for someone who has never had a surprise party. Not yet

19. Run a 5k in 30 minutes- Not yet

20. Follow a crochet pattern- Not yet

21. Be able to do "Sally's"- Made it half way or more while Travis was gone but haven't done them since

22. Try a month of fashion blogging- nope...

23. Buy a book of stamps to only use on sending cards to brighten someone's day- Yes and still have a few more to use but its been a great goal!

24. Fill up a mason jar full of "warm fuzzes"- not yet

25. Freshen up on my Fran├žais- a little bit but not really
26. Teach someone something new- yes started lots of sewing and other crafty lessons

27. Go out of my way to do something for someone once a month- Yes I have been very diligent in that

28. Invite someone new to dinner once a month while Travis is gone. - I didn't do this because I was very stressed. I didn't want the added pressure of making dinner for others. But i did make new friends by inviting a new girl over each month and by having girls nights as a countdown.

29. Be the happiest and most optimistic person I know. -YIKES this is tough,

30. Finish Mason's baby book. YES!!! YIPPEEE I love it so much too!

31. Add 50 pins to my pin-did board- TONS more. Its an awesome resource for inspiration!

32. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it- YES I have daily chores, weekly and monthly chores each week, day, Its a great way to get everything done. Im really excited.

33. Make a months worth of freezer meals- Not yet but pinned a bunch of resources.

34. Create a menu system that works for us. Yes Thursdays is meal planning/pantry for my chore. I make a "dinner" at lunch for travis to take to work. Its a great system.

35. Make a pallet project- No but I found a few pallets and saved them.

36. Make a quiet book for Mason- Yes it has the pages, I still need to make the cover and the binding. I also have a lot of ideas pinned.

37. Redo the trailer- Have the title but nothing more.

38. Go backpacking in the winter- Not yet

39. Make a Jared box-Not yet

40. Make a giving plate. -Not yet

41. Pick up the tab when eating out with friends.-Took the tab for one friend but not a group yet

42. Finish my started projects before any new projects- All my craft closet projects that were started are completed. Still have my To Do Crafts I want finish

43. Potty train mason in 2014-YIPPEE YeS!

44. Be really really good at my job- I was really good at my job as a Family Advocate. Now I am getting really good at being a full-time wife, mother and friend.

45. Start making serious house planning decisions- We were on our way to save for our down payment. Then I quit my job so we are working out a new budget in hopes to keep us on track on buying a starter place at the end of the year 

46. Travel to Utah to visit everyone we miss.- Haven't gotten there yet

47. Inspire someone else to write a 101 goal list- Yes I have heard of several working on there own! YAY!

48. Buy from a local artist- YES Nikki Cherry painted Mason a picture and I love it! Running horses in the sunset!

49. Buy something to help a suffer's cancer fund- Haven't found one yet.

50. Try 6 new sushi rolls- Yes all at Red Bento.

51. Touch/hold an exotic animal- Not yet. Looked everywhere for one on my cruise but nothing was there.

52. Can with friends or mom- Not yet

53. Write down 100 favorite memories- Not started

54. Try something completely new at a restaurant I have never tried - Not yet

55. Compliment a stranger everyday for a month- Yes been very diligent to give compliments when I think them.

56. Learn how to braid my hair up the back- Yes ever since my hair has been long enough 

57. Have 5 Travis days without complaining Have had 2- 1 before and 1 after Basic Training

58. Go on 5 mommy and mason dates ( not counting when Travis is gone) -Have had 2- 1 before and 1 after Travis was gone

59. Be more accurate shooting my gun- Trying really hard when we get out to practice.

60. Improve my relationships with my grandparents- Haven't done much to improve although I have sent thank you cards and photos to them throughout the year 

61. Start a Christmas tradition. YES! We had our own Christmas this year so we started the First Gift of Christmas and our Christmas eve night together. We also did a December bucket list which was a lot of fun!

62. Learn to drive the truck well- I wouldn't say well yet but I am improving. I much prefer to drive at the ranch vs Pullman.

63 Grow grass by the Cougar Closet sign and side"yard"- Haven't started

64. Help owners clear out old building materials in owners unit- Haven't started

65. Finish our family document binder. - Haven't touched it since

66. Start a set of Mommy Scriptures, studying with Mason in mind- Not yet

67. Learn to shuffle cards.- Not good at it yet

68. Make a movie/ slideshow of "Day in the Life of Mason"- This would be so fun. I need to do this now that I'm home with him.

69. Paint a piece of pottery- Still really want to do this!

70. Learn 10 constellations- Not yet!

71. Write down 5 positive things before I go to sleep for a month- Need to do this soon

72. Buy Mason a suit for church. Yes and a Tux. Too cute!!

73. Mail a hug to a few of Masons favorite people.- Not yet 

74. Make an "I love you because board"- Not yet

75. Make an craft out of an old window- Not yet (Pinned!)

76. Find the perfect hutch for my craft storage. Not yet!

77. Take Mason to a parade- Not yet!

78. Attend the temple every three months- Close to this goal.

79. Keep in touch with my besties that move away Yes Definitely

80. Make a wreath for our door- Yes for Christmas! I want to make another soon!

81. Finish my king size jean quilt for our bed- Not yet

82. Create 1 home video a month of mason (/33) Oh definitely we have a few a week. He's so fun right now!

83. Create an awesome workout playlist- no yet!

84. Create 72 hour kits+ for us and dogs- Not the dogs but have food for Mason, Travis and I.

85. Send a present just because to each of my nieces and nephew- 1 down and sent christmas gifts but need to send just because gifts.

86. Send handwritten letters to each of my aunts and uncles- Not yet

87. No tv for a week-No way. Id have to work up to this

88. Use a power tool for a project. I bought a wood burning tool but thats not really a "power" tool.

89. Do another awesome bike ride ( like the Hiawatha)- not yet

90. Watch a sunrise- not yet

91. Catch a fish- Nope

92. Keep my nails freshly painted for one month- Yes and probably never do that again. It was a lot of work.

93. Make/buy then use reusable shopping bags- Bought them and use them when they are in my car

94. Make a shadow box to help mason remember Grandpa- Not yet

95. Act like tourist and explore a city- Not yet

96. Pay off cc- 1 down 2 to go

97. Pay off student loans- YES!! Thank goodness

98. Blog a little more each year- So far so good

99. Stay caught up on my craft blog- YES! and started a Instagram

100.  Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru- Not yet

101. Make another 101 list when this one is over.- Not yet

So far I have 36 done and 15 in progress. I am doing really good on this list. I am looking forward to continuing improving in 2015

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