Friday, January 30, 2015


 I can't explain how much I love this boy. Mason is my pride and joy and my best friend. He has got me through the hardest years of my life and can make me smile any time. He is smart and thoughtful and silly and wild. He has a memory I only dream of and seriously finds the best out of everything and anybody. He is goofy like me and clever like his dad. He will talk to anybody and brightens a room. Everyone is proud to be a mom but I am especially proud to be his mom! I love you Mason!!! Happy third birthday I'm so glad you were born. Now off to do all of your favorite things. ‪#‎lovelifelikemas‬

My siblings posted the cutest things on IG for masons Birthday. He loved all the attention and seeing them on FaceTime.

 While we were on the west side we got to celebrate his bday with our families. My parents let him pick out a new TMNT he chose talking Rapheal. Chris and Jim bought mason a cake and track and inflatable minion. We sang mason Happy Birthday and he got to wear the happy birthday cake hat. He was so happy.

 On his actual birthday he got to pick all his favorite things. We went to the "Train store" Hodgins gift to play with their train set up, then to a park, then the Wingers, then home to play fight with dad and watch ninja turtles, then mcdonalds with teacher Kortnee and Julia and then iPad time before bed!

Cute boy loves the popcorn and mac and cheese at Wingers.

 He got Donny to complete his set of stuffed turtles. It was "just what i needed" he said
 And a giant truck that holds even more hot wheels for his car lines.

We love you MASON

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