Friday, January 30, 2015

Masons third Bday party

Mason has been talking about his birthday party since his last birthday. He has been talking about a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party since this summer. I am obsessed with birthday parties and spent the past few weeks making lots of perfect details. You can see them all on my craft blog.

 Mason in his bday shirt with his signs and balloons

 Ive made him a birthday shirt every year but this one is my favorite. I thought it turned out so perfect. It says his name on the back.

 He loved his cake! He said I "RUINED" it when i cut it up to serve it.
 Lots of his friends made it and we enjoyed Pizza, Cupcakes and Doughnuts. He's been talking about this part for months too.
 His old teachers came and he was so so excited
 We did ninja training on the deck. Complete with string maze, trampoline ninja moves, and a pillow fight weapons war!
 He LOVED opening gifts. Finally it was his turn to open gifts. We been to several parties and he was not too happy about the waiting.

 He got a snake from Crystal and Braylin and didn't wait a moment to creep Travis out. He hates snakes.

 It was pretty funny.

 Sierra was lucky enough to get a silly kiss (a long sloppy one!) along with his thank you hug!

 These two are the cutest little turtle lovers they are both rough and tumble boys too!
 Braylin and Mas are always so cute together, like the big sister he doesn't have

 Liz has been at all of Mason's birthday parties! She is such good friend

He got a punching bag from Kyson
puzzle and basket ball hoop and shave kit from Courtney
A snake and dump truck from Crystal and Bray
A TMNT car buddy and toothbrush holder, ornament and Party in the Tub Bath toy from Liz
Dino from Jace
Cars, tracks, coloring book, candy and game from Sierra
A tractor from John
TMNT darts and bowling form Jackson
and a remote control car from Jillian

Some things I don't want to forget about the party.
While singing happy birthday to Mason, he sang along super loud.
He wore his shell for the rest of the day
He loved all of his presents and was so cute opening each one and thanking all his friends
We ordered 10 boxes of pizza and had 3 left over
It was busy with all the people there but it all worked out and was a great party.

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