Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Binkie buddy Mikey

One goal we've had was to get rid of Mason's binkie before his birthday. We've tried different things the last few months that haven't really worked. A friend had a "paci fairy" come take the binkies and so we decided to do that. But our paci fairy would save two for a binkie buddy. I named it, although I do remember a kid in one of my pre k classes having a bear with her binkies inside so the idea wasn't all mine. I got Mason really amped up about it and we drove up to Spokane to do it. We went to build a bear and immediately he found the teenage mutant ninja turtles. 
Here is the flash photos from the event. His faces cracked me up. But he loved it. He almost didn't do it but now they are sewn in. 
He did it!! He's only asked me a 100x or so if I could take them out. My favorite one was "you know how to sew. Do it"

We "washed him" and picked out some nunchucks and then got to ride the mall train (sucker written all over my face) 

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