Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy bday to me.

This year I had a great birthday full of those around me showing me how much they love me. I'm so blessed. 

My friend Kortnee posted this sweet thing on her Instagram. The pic was when my old coworkers took me out to dinner!

My friend Ashlee made me cakes. One to serve at my party and one to save for my actual bday. 
Travis (and Mas and the pups) got me pearls for my bday!! It was a huge surprise and they are so so beautiful. I love them!! They are 30" so they are just what I needed/wanted. 

I had a girls night/jewelry party and it was fun to see all my friends. Sierra and courtney smith got me gifts and it was fun to snack and chat with all who came. 

On my actual birthday I got cupcakes from my friend brittney (which bandit ate little stinker.) and Jess and Geoff! Mason was sick in the morning throwing up and diarrhea. Poor guy. But that's mommy life. We canceled the baby sitter and went out Monday instead. Kortnee hung out with me while Travis was at work and we got Sella's (calzones). 

Monday Travis and I went to Red Bento (sushi) and last of our Christmas shopping. Then I went to Joanns and micheals all. By. Myself. Ahhh it was glorious. 

Jaimie sent me a package of all the things that remind her of our friendship. And Karyn sent me Utah Hot Tamelee. My favorite. Ha ha. 

I got birthday money from Chris and Jim's be my grandma Susie. And lots and lots of facebook love. 

I'm so blessed. I love the people in my life so much. I'm better because of them. I look forward to being another year older and hopeful wiser. 

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