Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Christ Centered Easter

This Easter we really tried to bring in the spirit of the Savior and his Atonement into our home. A week before Easter I was part of our Stake Easter Program. It was so beautiful and really made me rethink the importance of the month of April. For the whole rest of the week I tried to think of my Savior and the love we have for each other. I know that He loves me and I love Him. I am really good about thinking about Christ and his life in December but it really came into perspective when I heard a quote by an apostle that without Easter and the crucifixion, that Christ's birth would have just been another baby born. I am so grateful that He not only gave us his time and energy of his life to serving others but He also sacrificed his life so we could return to live with Him. I love that so much.
We did have the chance to eat easter dinner and brunch with Travis' family that came over to his grandparents and also with our good friends the Dunns.
Travis made Beef Pinwheels that were absolutely delicious. We also had deviled eggs, twice baked potatoes and cream corn!

Later that night we decorated some eggs with the Dunns and Drolettes.

The boys were required to decorate one egg. These are what they came up with.
Travis (mariners S) Spencer and Nayt

I used hot glue to write words and dots. I dipped some then wrote then dipped again. Then peeled off the glue. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't, that's why I didn't peel Travis' off.

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