Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fond of You Fondue Party

Our friends the Drolettes are moving and we are so sad.
He love Baseball, She loves crafts... enough said on why that works :)
That's the tough part about living in a college town. People move out and move on.
We will really miss them though!
So why not have a party. We threw them a "fond of you" fondue party. It was very tasty and very packed!

Lots of tasty treats. I made the fondue and each guest brought something to dip in the fondues. There was a LOT of bread but thats ok it was SO good. I made a cheese fondue, a cream cheese chicken fondue and a chocolate fondue!

A bit of entertainment was the cute and funny were the 2 kids there were playing in the dog crates and were completely entertained. My friend Becky's daughter kept saying "Lock me in Mommy" I joke that if my kids ever say that Travis might lock them in there for a while ;)Who would have known kids like crates more than dogs ha ha

It sure was a fun party!

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