Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten things I love about preschool

I'm getting a little down about working this summer (it will be the first time in a long time I've had too) So I thought I would turn up the optimism and write my 10 favorite thing about Teaching preschool.
1. I am a celebrity in my class. Everyone wants to talk to me, come to my house, have a sleep over, invite me to their party and sit by me ALL THE TIME. I try not to let it go to my head but really they adore me and even though their 4 and 5 I love the attention ha ha
2. I am in control of the fun we have. Since I plan the curriculum I plan the fun. I can wait to plan some fun sun activities that will get me to jump out of bed in the morning!!
3. I get to plan at work. So when I get home I get to have me time. I can take the dogs on a walk, hang out with travis, craft, what have you from 4:30 on!
4. I have some funny kids in my class. I never know what they are going to say next. Like today when Carson told me that ke$ha (singer) brushes here teeth with jacks when I told him to brush his teeth after lunch. ha ha someone must listen to the radio with mom.
5. I get messy and love it. I love when my kids make a mess. I play right there with them in the paint mixed with glue mixed with glitter. It is awesome.
6. My assistant makes my life so much easier. She makes me laugh quite a bit too.
7. Teaching is like this high for me. When I teach the kids something and later I see them applying it all by themselves I just get such a good feeling, like an adrenaline rush. I love when I make an impact on their lives.
8. Preschool graduation is coming up and I can use all my corny party planning ideas because they love them.
9. The girls in my class tell me they want to be like me, the boys tell me they want to marry me. I tell you I can't be loved enough over at that place!
10. Four to Five year olds have got to be the cutest age. If I could just birth out a preschooler I would. They are independent in some things (like hygiene, bathroom, feeding) but need you so much with other things (attention, story telling, playing)

Gosh I just love my job!!


Anna said...

You sound like a great teacher! YOu will be a fabulous momma some day! I only wish I had a little more patience for my pre schooler! Can I send my CC girl to your class? She would love you as a teacher!

Opal said...

can i be one of your students!? it sounds amazing!