Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crazy day at preschool

We do some pretty fun stuff in my class... if I do say so myself since I plan it. But sometimes my ideas are LOVED by my kids SO much. Today was one of those days. We read "If I ran the circus" by Dr. Seuss. So I thought it would be fun to paint our faces and have a talent show. The kids loved it and wanted to paint their faces for the rest of the week. They begged me to paint mine. No face was safe in the Dark blue room!

"Rainbow" by Makai

"vampires killing zombies" by Baily

"Self Portrait" by Sophia


Scott and Becca said...

So cute! I bet your students just LOVE you to pieces!

Opal said...

best preschool teacher ever!

Shari said...

I can totally see all your kids absolutely loving you. You would be the most fun teacher ever.
Catherine had preschool boys wanting to marry her too. I had fun just hearing about her day everyday.
That is a darling age, they come up with some of the cutest stuff at that age.