Monday, August 20, 2012

Marie found me!

My roommate in college Marie called me and said "is Lewiston close to Pullman?" I immediately freaked out and said so so close! Then she was actually in Pullman for wsu vet school's white cost cerimony for her brother! So she braved the lentil festival to find me! And she got to meet mason and bring me my coat. (in college to help me read my scriptures I told my roomies that if I forgot one day the could pick anything of mine anything at all and keep it. Marie was nice and took my coat. She saved it all these years to return it to me. What a sweetheart. It was so nice I see her! And the best part she will be back for graduation in a couple years!! Whoo hoo

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theluckiest said...

Love the before and after picture! man do you still keep in touch the the other girls? I haven't kept in touch with Amiee or Undrea but I have kept tabs of debbie and of course you and Opal. I remember that activity. We dressed each other up and went out on the town of Rexburg. I was happy to see you and give you back your coat. Next time I come up I hope to have Ty and Link and would love to play with your other babies! I miss having a dog and so does Link so I hope we can live vicariously through you guys! love and miss you!