Saturday, October 5, 2013

Third 101 goals for the next 1001 list

New 101 list
My third 101 list! So excited for this one. 
Start date October 5th 2013
Finished on July 2nd 2016
Not in any particular order. 
Goal 75/101

1. Teach mason to ride the strider bike

2. Ride a horse

3. Start a personal history

4. Scrapbook my high school photos

5. Print my blog

6. Make a quilt for Mason's bed

7. Support Travis in all of his military endeavors

8. Be friends with someone I wouldn't  normally be friends with

9. Mark at least one verse in every section of the Doctrine and Covenants

10.  Continue to fill up my scripture journal

11. Make $50 selling my crafts

12. Teach Mason his colors, shapes and letters of his name

13. Create a list of top 5 books that changed my life. 

14. Learn a song on the guitar

15. Refurnish and sell a piece of furniture.
16. Finish everything on the list we made to do before Travis leaves 

17. Host the Harry Potter party that has been years in the making. 

18. Throw a surprise party for someone who has never had a surprise party. 

19. Run a 5k in 30 minutes

20. Follow a crochet pattern

21. Be able to do "Sally's"

22. Try a month of fashion blogging

23. Buy a book of stamps to only use on sending cards to brighten someone's day

24. Fill up a mason jar full of "warm fuzzies"

25. Freshen up on my Français
26. Teach someone something new

27. Go out of my way to do something for someone once a month. 

28. Invite someone new to dinner once a month while Travis is gone. 

29. Be the happiest and most optimistic person I know. 

30. Finish Mason's baby book. 

31. Add 50 pins to my pin-did board

32. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it

33. Make a months worth of freezer meals. 

34. Create a menu system that works for us. 

35. Make a pallet project

36. Make a quiet book for Mason

37. Redo the trailer

38. Go backpacking in the winter

39. Make a Jared box

40. Make a giving plate. 

41. Pick up the tab when eating out with friends.

42. Finish my started projects before any new projects

43. Potty train mason in 2014

44. Be really really good at my job

45. Start making serious house planning decisions. 

46. Travel to Utah to visit everyone we miss. 

47. Inspire someone else to write a 101 goal list

48. Buy from a local artist

49. Buy something to help a suffer's cancer fund

50. Try 6 new sushi rolls

51. Touch/hold an exotic animal

52. Can with friends or mom

53. Write down 100 favorite memories

54. Try something completely new at a restaurant I have never tried 

55. Compliment a stranger everyday for a month

56. Learn how to braid my hair up the back

57. Have 5 Travis days without complaining

58. Go on 5 mommy and mason dates ( not counting when Travis is gone)

59. Be more accurate shooting my gun

60. Improve my relationships with my grandparents

61. Start a Christmas tradition. 

62. Learn to drive the truck well

63 Grow grass by the Cougar Closet sign and side"yard"

64. Help owners clear out old building materials in owners unit

65. Finish our family document binder. 

66. Start a set of Mommy Scriptures, studying with Mason in mind

67. Learn to shuffle cards. 

68. Make a movie/ slideshow of "Day in the Life of Mason"

69. Paint a piece of pottery

70. Learn 10 constellations

71. Write down 5 positive things before I go to sleep for a month

72. Buy Mason a suit for church. 

73. Mail a hug to a few of Masons favorite people. 

74. Make an "I love you because board"

75. Make an craft out of an old window

76. Find the perfect hutch for my craft storage. 

77. Take Mason to a parade

78. Attend the temple every three months

79. Keep in touch with my besties that move away 

80. Make a wreath for our door

81. Finish my king size jean quilt for our bed

82. Create 1 home video a month of mason (/33)

83. Create an awesome workout playlist

84. Create 72 hour kits+ for us and dogs

85. Send a present just because to each of my nieces and nephew

86. Send handwritten letters to each of my aunts and uncles

87. No tv for a week

88. Use a power tool for a project. 

89. Do another awesome bike ride ( like the Hiawatha)

90. Watch a sunrise

91. Catch a fish

92. Keep my nails freshly painted for one month

93. Make/buy then use reusable shopping bags 

94. Make a shadow box to help mason remember Grandpa 

95. Act like tourist and explore a city 

96. Pay off cc 

97. Pay off student loans

98. Blog a little more each year

99. Stay caught up on my craft blog

100.  Pay for the person behind me in the drive thru

101. Make another 101 list when this one is over. 


miriam said...

sooo... when you go to Utah, maybe make a pit stop in WY?

miriam said...

also, maybe I've missed this, but I need to hear more about this military business!

Chase Family said...

47. You've inspired me to write a goal list... maybe not 101 but at least 50. And I can tell that these aren't easy goals. A lot of them I know I couldn't do. Good job!!

Ashley said...

I love this!! You can check off number 47 again, I'm getting back into this and making another list!! Thanks for your inspiration!!