Friday, October 4, 2013

Mason this month

Here are some of masons finest moments this past month
Riding the donkey lawn art at GGs new house
Snuggling with his hello kitty blanket grandpa Scott gave him. Silly grandpa. 
He made that sock puppet at school and won't take it off. He loves it and chases the dogs with it and wants to sleep in it. 
Breakfast at tams place. Chocolate chip pancakes are his favorite!

Wearing the cape Chandra gave him. Super cowboy
I tuck this silly boy in every night and some how he ends up like this by morning. 
Mason is talking so much now. He is always surprising us. 
He has really adjusted to full time school/daycare. He sees us both often and will shout "that's my mom"
"that's my daddy"  
He is still wild and crazy as ever. 
He definitely has his own opinion of clothes and especially shoes. He wore snow boots to school the other day because I couldn't convince him to put on anything else. 

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