Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Job

I am thankful for employment at this time! Since so many people have been loosing their jobs or not finding something. We are able to make enough money so we can build up or savings. Student teaching sucked all our savings so its nice to make a decent amount. Especially for Rexburg.
Today I went to an install and watched one of our workers install dish network. It was crazy to see how tricky it all is. But definitely beneficial. I am learning so much about business, dish, internet and accounting! I have a great boss and coworkers.

Here is a pic of my office. It is cute. It is inside the Wolfe Lighting business!! It is such a beautiful store and its a family owned business and the Wolfe's are often people! So friendly and wonderful. A bit of a plug for them... They are having a sale on their lightbulbs right now that you rexburg people definitely look into! They are selling a pack of 4 lightbulbs for $3 These aren't any regular lighbulbs. They are the spiral kind that are energy efficient. And they have 10,000 (ten THOUSAND) hours of light. Serious. Check them out. They come in 3 colors, warm light, cool light and day light.


Christie Bryant said...

You're too sweet Courtney! YOU are so fun to work with!
I absolutely love everything about you!

susie said...

So glad your loving your job and you have a good one. You even have your own office how sweet is that!