Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am thankful for my family.
I know I say it all the time but I really got lucky with my in-laws too! They are wonderful. My whole family just rocks!

I am so lucky to have an eternal family. I was lucky to grow up with everything that I ever needed. I can only hope I can raise my future children the way my parents raised me. I know I am the person I am today because of them!

I made a list of 52 reasons (8 reasons for each family member) 52 Reasons why I love my family
1. It is big.
2. We all love each other.
3. Dad: You are the hardest working person I know.
4. Dad: You are an excellent provider.
5. Dad: You disciplined me to teach me right from wrong.
6. Dad: You made it possible for me to attend college.
7. Dad: You gave me Priesthood blessings.
8. Dad: You taught me the gospel and set an example.
9. Dad: You protected me from harm and evil.
10. Dad: You gave me the best life I could have had.
11. Mom: You took care of me when I was sick or sad.
12. Mom: You are always there when I need to talk.
13. Mom: You bought me stylish clothes.
14. Mom: You taught me to be nice and love others.
15. Mom: You taught me how to be crafty and thrifty.
16. Mom: You showed me how to serve others.
17. Mom: You are selfless in every way.
18. Mom: You have a great sense of humor.
19. Clara: You are a great listener.
20. Clara: You are gorgeous and stylish.
21. Clara: You are brutally honest.
22. Clara: You are a leader and are your own person.
23. Clara: You are funny and make me laugh.
24. Clara: You serve others without anything in return.
25. Clara: You get along with Travis.
26. Clara: You are smart and studious
27. Buddy: You have your own style.
28. Buddy: You work hard to make others happy.
29. Buddy: You are giving.
30. Buddy: You make others laugh.
31. Buddy: You are a good friend.
32. Buddy: You ask me how I am doing and say you miss me.
33. Buddy: You are athletic and muscular.
34. Buddy: You are an Eagle Scout and are prepared.
35. Chloe: You are a great artist.
36. Chloe: You shared your bedroom with me for 6 months.
37. Chloe: You have a wonderful smile that makes my day.
38. Chloe: You read your scriptures and have a testimony.
39. Chloe: You are fun to be around and talk to.
40. Chloe: You would do anything for anyone.
41. Chloe: You are helpful.
42. Chloe: You are so beautiful inside and out.
43. Chase: You are talented at everything you try.
44. Chase: You are a good student.
45. Chase: You are friendly to others.
46. Chase: You are strong.
47. Chase: You share your candy, snacks, toys etc.
48. Chase: You are very easy to like.
49. Chase: You are a stud.
50. Chase: You are a great example to your friends.
51. We look out for each other.
52. We are an eternal family sealed in the temple.

There the best and I love them lots and lots

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susie said...

Very darling family picture Courtney!! Love all your reasons why you love your family so much. Your family ROCKS!