Monday, March 1, 2010


I swear this is the the month I start to go crazy!!
Well to keep me sane I have decided to repeat a month of "thankful" posts like I did last year... Seems crazy its been a year since I was in Assessments (aka the hardest class I've ever taken) and 2 years since I have started this blog. Great memories are stored here and I Love It!!

So Thankful Month repeats. I've also decided not to look back and refresh my memory on last years list. At the end of the month I'll compare.

So First of March.... I am Thankful for

Travis!! or T... I have a habit of calling him that lately.

He is just SO wonderful. To show him how wonderful I think he is I made him a "52 reasons why I love you" book made out of a deck of cards. It was super cute and I was pretty proud of it.

I am listing the 52 reasons... more as documentation not so much so you have to read all of them. But you are welcome too.
1. You spoil me.
2. You have cute dimples.
3. You make me laugh.
4. You like to eat out.
5. You talk like a baby.
6. You let me talk like a baby.
7. You put up with my craft messes.
8. You are patient.
9. You like me the way I am.
10. You aren’t afraid to state your opinion.
11. You let me have girl time with friends.
12. You don’t bite, lick, pinch or tickle me.
13. You are good at saying prayers.
14. You are persuasive.
15. You like dogs.
16. You hate cats.
17. You let Clara come live with us.
18. You share your food or drinks with me.
19. You are helpful.
20. You work extra hard for the family.
21. You would do anything for me.
22. You protect me.
23. You listen to me even when I am irrational.
24. You calm my fears and troubled heart.
25. You are my best friend.
26. You laugh at my “really funny stories”
27. You give me compliments when I try to impress you.
28. You do all the driving.
29. You teach me how to be a better driver.
30. You know so much about the gospel.
31. You want a family.
32. You have dreams and try to live them.
33. You want to build me a fancy house.
34. You love your mom and dad and brothers.
35. You love me, even when I’m hard to love.
36. You prioritize your life well.
37. You have a nice butt in True Religion Jeans.
38. You teach me new things.
39. You know that I get what I want every time.
40. You are kind of sarcastic…. Did you catch my sarcasm?
41. You watch Edward Scissors Hands with me.
42. You convinced me to fall in love with you.
43. You put up with me and plan to do so for eternity.
44. You wrestle with me but not too rough.
45. You won’t let me go to bed mad at you.
46. You took me to the temple to get married.
47. You let me wear feeties to bed sometimes.
48. You work nights and go to school at the same time.
49. You’re athletic and have a muscular physique.
50. You have been cute and adorable your whole life.
51. You let me pick hairs off of you like a monkey.
52. You are my hunster forever and ever no matter what.

Can you write 52 reasons why your love your significant other? Try it!! It was so

Stay tuned all month long for more "Thankfuls!!"

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