Monday, March 15, 2010

High School

This is a random thing to be thankful for. I loved Highschool and it really helped me be more confident and happy. I always tried to do my best to be a good friend, to show I cared about others. I also learned so much and knew I wanted to be a teacher. I spent half the day working in a Special Education Classroom. It was so fun. I swam every year and won homecoming queen. I had so many friends. It was a great time in my life.

I am thankful I had such a great experience. I know it isn't the same way for everyone.
Here are some pictures from "back in those days"

When I got asked to Senior Prom the guy gave me a bunny. This bunny still lives at my parents house. My mom loves him. But when I was a senior I had a leash for this bunny and took him to soccer games. It was fun.

I wore this white dress to prom and then my grandma altered it and took off the the black and I wore it as my wedding dress. Going to prom and homecoming was my favorite. I always went with good friends and it was such great times.

Taking pictures of yourself. Man good times.

Seminary graduation with the best friends. Opal and Kaci! I sang a duet in french at seminary graduation!

And here is one with me in my crown. I loved dressing up purple and gold for spirit days. When I was voted I thought it was a joke. I popped out of a suitcase when I appeared in our assembly. My boyfriend at the time pulled me in a suitcase and then when he got to the middle he unzipped it and I popped out. It was so fun! The crowd was wild. I couldn't believe it!

There you go. Hope you enjoyed that little blast from the past.

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