Thursday, March 18, 2010

More baby crafts!

One of the sweetest girls I have ever met had a baby shower on Tuesday. I love Ashley! She is so nice. Anyways Her husband is in the Military and she is expecting a baby boy in July. I am so excited for her. I made these up this weekend for her!

I thought this fabric was appropriate! I made 1 tag blanket, 2 bibs (one blank and one says "future Hero") three burp cloths and 4 "wee wee wigwams" *tutorial by Make it and Love it*

I also made this Dinosaur! It was so adorable I almost couldn't part with it! I got the pattern is from the one yard wonders book

This is the bottom of the dino. It was so cute and could stand on its own!

All the gifts ready to be wrapped and given to Ashley! She loved them!!

Here we are! So cute two happy pregos!

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Ma Mere said...

Those baby gifts are too cute! you are getting really good at your crafty stuff!