Sunday, March 14, 2010


I am thankful for my Childhood.
I love to think of the past and it always makes me smile.
I have a really good memory of my childhood and almost all my memories are happy ones.
I love my mom and dad for raising me and providing for all my needs they are the best.

Top 10 Stories that come to mind Right this second

10. My dad built us a swing set. He brought this huge net from work and turned it into this tree house. I loved my backyard because there was two levels, grass and sand. We played on it all the time swinging, climbing and digging to china.

9. We had a giant white board in our shed and we could color on it.

8. We had SO much barbie and American Girl stuff. I played with it until I started dating... no joke!

7. My mom used to give us Beanie Babies when we swam our best in races. We could pick them out of a selection she had. We all had a huge collection. We were so careful with the tags so they wouldn't ruin the "value" of the toy.

6. I have a TON of cousins and extended family. We had giant major holiday gatherings at the "coco cabana" We used to play cards games and dolls in this little room. I always played with my younger cousins because my older boy cousins never let me play pool because they were a year older always changed the age rule!

5. My mom used to dress me until middle school. I wore the fanciest catalog clothes. I had these sweaters with animals and shapes and designs. I also had this rule I had to wear a skirt or dress once a week to school. She loved to match us girls. Clara hated matching so she got her "own" color. So Chloe and I would wear the same dress/outfit, Clara would have the same dress/outfit but a different color.

4. Every year we went and saw santa and got our picture taken. Santa still brings us gifts on Christmas.

3. We never had a pet (other than fish) but our neighbor had a black lab and our other neighbor had a bunny. We played with them all the time like they were our own pet.

2. Clara and I shared a bunk bed for most of our time growing up. We used to hang from the top bunk. My came in once and turned off the light. Clara said "we're bats" We laughed so hard we fell off. Once the top bunk bar fell on Clara and I freaked out and told my mom "the bunk bed fell" on her. She ran down stairs and started crying because she thought the whole bed fell on her. Then she was kinda mad when she saw Clara was playing and it was only the bar.
Years later my friend Kaci and Opal were sliding from the top to the bottom and Kaci got stuck. We laughed so hard we almost peed the bed.
Bunk beds are the best!

1. I had the best adventures with my siblings. We always made up games to play. We had the best times when we got along.

So great!!

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Ma Mere said...

Cute cute cute! Can't believe how fast you guys grow up! It makes me kinda sad! Hope you have a wonderful day and can't wait to see you in a month!