Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Love this sweet boy that made me understand love and motherhood. 

This Mother's Day I've been thinking of my sweet mother as I usually do. But today I was thinking of who I am because of my mom. I thought of five specific things that changed me because I was raised by her. 

I remember when I was just entering high school and my mom told me to be nice to everyone. Seems like an important thing to learn. I took it to heart and tried my best to honestly be genuinely nice to everyone. I had friends all over school and was generally well liked because of it. She let me make my own choices on who to date and who to hang out with. I got to learn what type of people I wanted to surround myself with. These lessons were so important once I was out on my own. 

I remember my mom celebrating birthdays, holidays, milestones and accomplishments of anyone close to us. She would bring us balloons and flowers, make someone treats, create a quilt for a certain someone all the time. She was always so giving of her time and talents. She is definitely a gift giver and I am so glad I got that trait from her!

My mom stood up for me when I was in a verbally abuse relationship. I don't know what would have happened if she didn't stand up for me when I couldn't. That moment really changed the course of my future relationships and now I have a husband who would never treat me that way.  

My mom can be so silly. I remember laughing in the kitchen until I cried because my mom was such a goof! I love that side of her every time I see it and it makes me feel like "I'm hers" every time! 

I remember the first time I was sick and away from my mom. It was so sad to take care of myself. When we were sick my mom took such great care of us to make us feel better. I remember even more the first time I was sick when I was a mom. I don't remember many times my mom having "sick days" not because she wasn't ever sick. But because she fought through it in order to keep being a great mom. My mom came and took care of me after my complications with delivery and she was the sweetest as always. 

I love her dearly for the sweet, caring, silly, strong woman she is. And I am trying so hard to be the type of mom Mason needs. I love you mom. Happy day  today and every day!

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