Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Dino" graduation

This sweet boy finished his first year of "school". I am so happy and proud of my little man!

They got to play on the playground and gramzi came to play too!
I love this picture!! It is one of my absolute favorites!!

Playing on the slide. I love that mason asked Chris to go on the slide and she just went for it. He's a lucky boy!!
Mason sitting with a few of his friends. 
Mason and teacher courtney getting his book, diploma and pencil

Love this little cheezer 
Out of 20 takes this is the best one ha ha toddlers!

Gramzi and gg  celebrating with mason. It was so special to have them there. 
Kisses for everyone. 

My favorite two year old!!!
Teacher Clarissa
Teacher Courtney
Mason's Dinos teachers. They were so great. I love love love both. And can't thank them enough!!
And silly mason (it's already begun!)

But I got a good one. 

Happy graduation mason!!!

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