Sunday, May 11, 2014

April pictures and quotes

A random collections of April photos. 
Mason made this crown for New Year's Eve. He still wears it and is so proud of it. 

John gaves these boots to mason. He calls them his "uncle Eric" boots which is funny since they are exactly like boots Travis brother Eric would wear. 

Mason loving cupcakes. 
Mason and I take lots of selfie to send Travis. 
Excited for sunglasses and hats!!

Too cute walking by my desk out to the playground. 

Mason loves to hid in the dog bed. Even when his legs are showing he thinks I can't see him and says. "where's mason?"
mason loves to wear teacher Courtney's sunglasses. He looks so cute!!
Sunday best. A sweater with elbow patches!!
Pink church shirt!!

I said "um mason what are you doing" he replied "eating grapes" ha ha at least they are healthy. And he also can unlock the child lock now. 
Mason got into the baby powder. It was halarious and frustrating all at the same time ha ha 
Mason was pretty proud of himself for climbing all the way up here. He even said take my picture and send to daddy
Grandma sent a new swim suit. We had fun wearing it to the pool. 

Mason said he was going to the army camp like daddy

Love my sweet boy!!

"Taking a nap" at school on the tiny couch. 

Mason got a new bear. He named it "Travis" it growls. When mason showed Travis he said "don't be scared it's just pretend"

A few silly things mason has said this month

He is really into "Rules" lately. He says "that's the rules" after kind of being bossy. My favorite is "green light go red light stop that's the rules"

Mason has started a list of thing he wants to do when Travis gets back. He said he wants to go bowling everyday. He  also wants to ride his big bike and drive in his truck and go camping and mow the lawn and watch football

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