Sunday, May 11, 2014

Charlene, Marie and Laurel

Saying goodbye always sucks. I do it all the time in pullman though so I guess I'm a pro. We had a little goodbye party for three of my close friends the last three years. 
Charlene and I hit it off really fast. She has two adorable kids and we had a lot of fun doing things these past few years. 

Marie is a sweetheart that would do anything for you. Her two sassy girls are adorable. 
Laurel is a mom to FOUR boys. If that doesn't give you a deinfinition of how incredible she is I don't know what is. She has been a huge example to me. 

I am better because I have known these ladies. They are all such amazing people and Wyoming, Utah and Nevada will be lucky to have them!! I'm gunna miss them a ton!!

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