Sunday, August 28, 2011

soggy doggy weekend

This weekend it was HOT! We spent a lot of time in the water. At a outdoor pool here in Pullman, before they drain the water for the year they invite the dogs to come swim. My friend Ashley and Justin and I took Nala and their dog Bentley to Soggy Doggy Day. It was so fun and the dogs loved it! Nala swims with just her front feet and hops with her back legs when she can touch and just splashes all over. But she loved it and swam and jumped in from the side non stop for over an hour.

We also went to the dunes again. This time the water was warm and the dogs loved swimming and running in the water. Even Bandit swam! I was so proud of him! He was slightly traumatized in his earliest puppy days so didn't really like the water in the past outings but today he loved it and it was so fun! 

Here is bandman and I enjoying the nice warm day!
As the dogs ran around the boys played catch
Nala and Bandit ran around like this for an hour. When we went out deeper they swam  and chased each other too

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McCall and Eric said...

Yay Courtney! I hope that all is well for you guys! our babies are going to be super close! Congratulations! I miss you!