Friday, August 5, 2011


These dunes are not to be confused with awesome Rexburg Dunes, however still pretty fun.

Since its been forever since I blogged I don't really remember when we went to the dunes but it was a gorgeous day, and beside the drunk driving accident on the way home, the perfect day to go.
You drive over the dam to get there. I am always fascinated by their size, too bad the beavers are just not capable of making them that large or strong.

Nala and bronx LOVED the water they were running all over

Bandit was perfectly content on the sand. All the dogs ran and ran and ran

Jaimie and I enjoying the first really sunny day of the summer

Nala on the way back. Such a beautiful dog.

Bandit hates the back. He much prefers my lap

WE love having our Jeep. They my sandy trip like this much better!

Thanks Dunns for showing us a sweet new place


clarakreid said...

Yahh, Bandit only likes the sand, because he has dense bones and cannot swim well... I have been trying to tell you this for how long?

Jaimie said...

Well im glad you got to go with us! It made a million times more fun!