Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I will label my pregnancy updates so if you don't care you can skip over it. I am not going to turn this blog into a pregnancy journal.

I am 16 weeks

First thing, since this pregnancy was a total surprise I have my good days where I am totally excited to days where I am majorly freaked out and hoping it will work out ok.

We heard the heart beat twice. Everything sounded great and he found it really easy.

My doctor's name is Ben Adkins. I LOVE him. My top three reasons I like him are:
He wears people clothes. I hate those doctor jackets with the embroidery names.
He looks kinda like a little boy. He has this little gap between his teeth and is not too nerdy and not to attractive.
He gives me general health advice. It's nice to go in and learn about other things than just pregnancy.

I have been incredibly sore, all of my joints from the waist down hurt. Unfortunately not a lot to do about that.

My mom sends me all these super cute prego clothes that make being pregnant much more bearable.

My preschoolers are SO interested in my "baby in my tummy." When I eat lunch and take a lot of something they say "Does the baby like that" When I take a little they say "Tell your baby its ok to not like green beans." They are always saying "tell your baby" this and that and talk about how it's coming to preschool at valentines day. and all the things they are going to teach it. It is so fun!

I love love love fruit and chips and salsa, and cheese and pickles. pretty much in that order.

And since several of you have insisted here is the little baby bump...
The chinese birth chart, the old wives tales and the amazon baby quiz all say it is a boy... we will find out if its right in a couple of weeks!

Anyways that is all... Send all of your happy vibes to me. I need them! And advice. Thanks friends


miriam said...

I LOVE Dr. Adkins. He is great! And you are going to be a great mom. It's one of those things that you just can't prepare for but then some how manage to survive. I always reminded myself that a lot of women had done it before me :o)

Jared and Ashlee said...

You are too cute Courtney! Pretty sure your "baby bump" is my regular "bump" ha ha..Don't stress out about it too much...just let it happen and things will fall into place. Love you and miss you!!

Shari said...

Hey beautiful pregnant lady with the darling little baby bump. Sorry about your joints hurting. Stretching might help loosen them up a bit. Hope you are feeling well otherwise. Can't wait to hear what you are having!

Summer Anderson said...

Haha you are so funny. I love your reasons on why you love your dr. Maybe I'll look for those criteria in my next doctor. You are so cute! You are going to be such a good mom. I am pretty sure I cried everyday the first two weeks after Cohen was born. It's a big life changing event. But there will be these moments when it is just you and the baby or you are watching Travis and the baby and you know that everything is perfect in your life! I am so excited for you, Good luck!

Gayle said...

So excited for you! When I read your post I thought of Tangled...I know lame right?! haha In the beginning with how she is soooo happy to be out of the tower and then freaking out the next second. I would be the exact same way. I would accept that you have days where you're freaking out and days of utter joy. In the end she lived happily ever after right? You can do it! You will be such a great mom!