Friday, August 5, 2011

Sleepy pups

Sometimes the dogs sleep in the funniest ways. Here are a couple I caught on my camera
In the car bandit has the whole back but wants to be as close as possible and usually ends up like this.

Nalas face all pressed up against the crate. Doesn't look comfy to me

We have been training the dogs to sleep on their dog beds next to our bed on the floor. Nala is very good at it however Bandit, like everything, is a different story. He loves to cuddle me at night. The other night while I was asleep he snuck up to lay with me. When Travis came to bed he was mad and pushed him on the floor. In my sleep I told him "He was cold, He missed me and wanted to cuddle me. Don't punish him for loving me" 
We joke that Bandit is my dog and Nala is Trav's. This is becoming more and more true everyday. It's funny how Bandit will look to me to try and get away with things. Nala loves to wrestle and Bandit loves to cuddle. Nala has went backpacking with Travis because she listens better and wouldn't run away. We love our babies and are trying to do a lot with them now until they get put on the back burner when the baby comes

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