Friday, August 5, 2011

Hiawatha trail times TWO

We have ridden the Hiawatha trail twice this summer. The Hiawatha is a 17 mile bike ride on an old railroad grade. It is right on the boarder between Idaho and Montana. It is an easy 2% grade gravel trail. Because it is a railroad trail it has tunnels and trussels. One of the tunnels being 2 miles long. It was a really nice trail with a fun camping trip to go with it.

The first time we went we went with Travis' family and brought the Dunn's along. It was a fun little campout and a great way to get exercise in the sun.
Jaimie and I ready to bike and camp

Jaimie and I won at ladder balls (horse balls as travis calls it) and we had a wager if we won they had to be in a picture with us. They were supposed to do frowny faces but... boys will be boys

Nala and bronx cuddling (while bandit was on my lap)

The second time we went again with Travis' family including his grandparents. This time we were smart enough to bring our camera on the actual trail. We got some great shots!

This beautiful water fall is at the end of the large tunnel. You can hear the rushing water the whole way through

The end of the giant tunnel. It was cold, and DARK

 Beautiful blue skies and green mountains the whole way. The further down the taller the trees and less view
 Travis liked all the scenery, perfect chance to get lots of pictures with him
Here is one of the trussles. They were pretty neat

Travis taking a rest. He has his bike gloves he bought on the first visit

And at the bottom! Yay. We made it!

When you got to the bottom you took a shuttle back to the top. The hard core guys biked back up, no one in our group though. It will be fun to tell the baby I rode 30 + miles while I was pregnant. It's Travis and I's new favorite thing to do!

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