Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Woodland park zoo

What to do with Nice weather, the day off and a active toddler who loves animals ...Go to the zoo! Mason loved the zoo. But really who doesn't like the zoo?
Clara and my dad had the day off so we took mason to the zoo together. 
My dad was about ready to leave before we even got Inside ;)
Mason loved the animals but loved the statues more because he could touch and climb on them!

The gorillas were silly. The one stole the broccoli from the other. Mason kept saying "they eat the broco-yee"
Riding the hippo. When we saw the hippos mason said "hey hippo get in the water" silly kiddo
The giraffes were getting fed when we saw them!
Mason wanted to get into each cage. Clara kept saying "no! It will bite your face off" so then he kept saying it over and over. 

"Yionz bite your face off!!" Thanks for that one aunt Clara!

When we got to the Petting zoo part there was a cow. Mason looked at it and said "get cow. You not at the zoo. You at the farm". He is right! So cute!!
what a great Grandpa, 
Aunt and Mommy day!

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