Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Grandmas house!

There was a training in north bend I was asked to attend. My sister agreed to watch mason. We went up the weekend before to spend some time with everyone. 
Grandpa Scott took us to Red Robin! I was so excited. Mason was thrilled to get the rest of Aunt Clara's milkshakes. 

Aunt Clara is also very good at making smoothies and mason was very glad she shares!

Sunday best!!
A photo to send to daddy. 
Mason is obsessed with the ducks at my parents house. My parents hate them for pooping on their dock. But mason sure loves their entertainment!

We stopped by gramzi's and grandpa Jim Jim to say hi and play with the cars.  
Goofy kid making himself at home. 
"When I grow up I want to be a nurse just like my aunt" I found this shirt and Clara thought it was perfect!
Uncle chase was running mason around with his horse and mason was so happy. 

They also took him swimming at Snohomish's water park and he went down the water slide!
Thanks siblings for taking such good care of my baby. 
This was the view from my retreat window. It was nice to get away from literally every thing. After we went to our rooms for the night I forgot what it felt like to have nothing to do. No dogs no baby no chores. It was so nice!

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