Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mason mash up

The rest of the pictures from March that I didn't have a whole post for. 
Silly kid did this for the first time on our trip. He is so so silly. 

Mason has been so obsessed with owies and bandaides. He was showing Travis his cut and making this fake face!

Mason is always doing goofy things in class and his teachers send them to me and it makes my day!

Cupcake and trucks what could be better?

Fire officer? Police fighter? I'm just glad they got some "boy" clothes in the Dino's!

Mason new "cart" his baby stroller holds everything from him to buzz to balls and cars and blocks. If he isn't sitting in it he is racing it all over the house and freaking out the dogs!

I can't explain how sad/frustrated I am that mason got this trait! Mason is a "picker" I have always been a picker. I hate it about myself but I see the tiniest bump (especially on my legs) and itch and scratch and pick until it's bleeding and so so much worse! Now my son is One and I have to teach him early to stop and let It be :). He woke up with a bloody forehead and we cleaned up and I covered them with bandaides so he'd leave them alone!!
Mason was laughing at himself eating a lemon as a baby. He watched it over and over. 

We bought Chandra a dog stroller for her birthday. She loved it! We also took her out to Applebee's!

Paisley came over for pizza night. Ashley and I crafted while they watched toys. Priceless! 

Bath time is always his favorite. Especially when the pool is "broken" (closed for cleaning)
Love that cute little butt. He's going to hate me some day!

"Will you smile for daddy?" "Nope sorry"

The endless lines of cars. This is mason's "autistic" tendancy/OCD. If me or the dogs bump it he runs to fix it. He works on it for days at a time and he will cry and fit if I put it away without his permission or warning. 

Bah ha this makes me smile for so many reasons. 
First experience with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Not only did I convince him to watch something other than toys I got him to experience my childhood favorite. Now he wants to sky dive and roller blade and fight booger men. My job is done :)

And that my friends is a month of excitement. We were only home 18 days of March! Now bring on April. 

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Charlene said...

I use to watch power rangers too. cute pictures of a super cute boy.