Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Liz's farm"

My friend Liz from the university of Idaho childcare center is still one of my good friends. Since the weather is improving she invited us out to her house. Mason was so excited to see her "farm"
He sat on Silver's show saddle
He helped Liz feed Silver hay. 
And an apple treat. I could t believe how he wasn't a scared at all
He also got Silver's food in the "big dog bowl!"
We also saw her neighbors sheep. They were either pregnant or just had babies that week. 

Mason was so excited to see "baby yambz"
He held this little lamb only 12 hours or so old! He loved it and wanted it to come home with us!
Mason also got to ride Silver. 
His face and excitement was priceless as he kept saying more more more 

Big thanks to my friend Liz. Mason is still talking about "yiz at he farm wit the yambz" ha ha

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