Friday, November 21, 2014

Shooting guns!

We went shooting at the ranch with the Browns. I was excited to blow off some steam from my crazy week and use my new shotgun! And we wanted to take advantage of the nice weather before its cold, rainy and snowy. We had a great time shooting pigeons and my new gun (20guage) didn't hurt which is great! 
Travis shot his new guns too. Yes plural. On our way out we picked up another shotgun for him in addition to the one we got when I got mine. He sure is spoiled. 
Even Benton and Bailie have little pump action BB guns. 

It was a fun day. After we went out to casa for dinner. I love spending time with the Browns!

This is the only picture which melts my heart. Mason and bailie hanging out in the car for a while. 

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